Teamm8 M8 Of August: Renan Braga

Teamm8 M8 Of August

Teamm8 has one amazing swimsuit collection. They also have one amazing Teamm8 M8 Of August: Renan Braga. When you take the Teamm8 M8 Of August and add their swimsuits, magic happens. Here’s the proof:

Renan Braga, 27, comes from one of the most loved cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro. Renan embodies the spirit of a Brazilian male, in that he loves to enjoy his life, taking everyday as it comes, and is grateful for all the opportunities that present themselves to him. His philosophy is “work to live” and not “live to work.” His priorities lie with God, his family, friends, health, and with his overall happiness. Renan is a spiritual man, and he often turns to God as a source of inspiration.

Raised in a warm climate near the coastal line, where the beach is just minutes away from where he lives, Renan is an avid surfer. He may be new to the modeling scene and seemingly a bit camera-shy, but these images captured by friend Gabriel Felix speak otherwise – they exhibit instead his authentic, warm, and positive personality, as well as his well-defined physique.

Further into his interview Renan reveals, “I strive to be successful in my professional field, as well as family life and spiritual growth.  I never had any intentions to become a model, but all my friends and family have always encouraged me to get a professional photoshoot done and to send the images out to modeling agencies. Gradually, I have gained courage to do it, but I’m still very shy in front of the camera…”

Like previous M8s, Renan posses a similarly respectable work ethic, adding, “I always give my best in everything I do. If I have to do something, I might as well have it done well. I am very keen to do everything that is related to achieving my dreams. With the possibility of becoming a model in the future, I’m letting it happen now as it is supposed to.”

With his full and perfect beard, tattoos, striking eyes, defined physique and good boy morality, it is safe to say that Renan earned his coveted spot as Teamm8 M8 Of August.

Renan sports teamm8’s swimwear collection, from the Hunter Swim Brief to the Cabana Swim Short. Every time Renan puts on a new look, it becomes even harder to believe he was ever camera shy.

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Photo Credit: Gabriel Felix Photography

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