Take Advantage Of This Bear Skn 2 Pack Sale On Big Sizes

Bear Skn 2 Pack Sale On Big Sizes

Come one, come all, you sexy bargain hunters, you! Snatch up a great deal with the Bear Skn 2 pack sale on big sizes! This sale cannot be beat, so take advantage while you still can!

This sale is specifically for styles in sizes 4XL, 5XL and 6XL, so stock up! The sale doesn’t have an expiration date, so don’t panic. You can keep restocking for as long as supplies last! The Standard Issue 2 Pack briefs and trunks are available in all colors for $24.99. You can either get two of the same color or one black and one color. The Standard Issue brief has black seams around the pouch. It also has double mesh material between your legs to keep your boys cooler and less sweaty. Bear Skn has also removed the seams between the legs to reduce chaffing and has designed the legs with light elastic to prevent stretching.

The 2 Packs of the Backwoods Button Downs in all check pattern colors and black are available for $29.99 in this sale! Just like the Standard Issue styles, you can either get two of the same check pattern color or one black and one check pattern color. The Backwoods Button Downs have all of the same features as the Standard Issue styles but also feature a button down fly for easy access.

Stock up while you still can! This is a great sale on underwear that’s designed specifically for bigger men, so take advantage of it!

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