Look Suave And Smooth In New Ergowear Vermouth

The New Ergowear Vermouth color has arrived in a host of styles, from bikini to boxer, and even a thong. This color is just as soft as the suave material it’s made from! Ergowear men’s underwear takes its name from the word ‘ergonomic,’ thanks to an innovative design that allows it to fit like a glove. Ergowear collections feature a unique three-dimensional pouch that adapts to your individual wearing habits. Now you can get the Ergowear distinct design and style in Suave Vermouth. The new Ergowear Suave Vermouth Collection is available to add a softer note to these designs that are carefully engineered with your comfort in mind.

The Ergowear Suave Vermouth color comes in 9 different styles. One style in particular, The Vermouth Ergowear FEEL Suave MiniBoxer ($35.48), hugs your body like a glove, thanks to a revolutionary microfiber fabric that’s super soft and breathable. The leaner cut sets these aside from a typical boxer brief, and the roomy pouch provides plenty of breathing room with added support and definition.

The 95% polyester, 5% spandex composition gives the Ergowear Vermouth underwear an ultra light FEEL and the stretch microfiber forms a sleek, body-defining fit. The low rise style creates a slimmer silhouette than a traditional boxer. The Vermouth color is light and subtle, with a bold undertone that is complimentary to all skin types. The Vermouth Suave MiniBoxer also features a narrow fabric-covered elastic waistband. Other styles available in Vermouth are: The FEEL Suave Thong, The FEEL Suave Bikini, The X3D Suave Thong, The X3D Suave Bikini, The X3D Suave Mini Boxer, The MAX Suave Thong, The MAX Suave Boxer and The Max Suave Bikini.

The Ergowear Vermouth underwear is available through sizes S – XL.

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Photo Credit: Ergowear

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