Review: Pikante Jupiter Thong in Grape

Item Reviewed: Pikante Jupiter Thong in Grape

About the product: The design consists of an elasticized waistband subtly embossed with Pikante’s logo and a shiny purple thong with a completely open front, leaving your junk completely exposed except for a series of 3 elastic c-rings to hoist you into position. The fabric, made from 93% polyester and 7% spandex, has a metallic finish. The Jupiter thong is also available in blue and comes in sizes S–XL.

What we like: Though this thong leaves VERY little to the imagination, just imagine the trouble you can get into once you slip them on. The slutty superhero (or super-villain?) look could be perfect for the right activities and the shiny fabric puts that body on maximum display. The triple-rings suspension system will help keep your ray-gun cocked and loaded.

What we don’t like: This pair doesn’t seem destined for long-term wear, and note that the metallic fabric must hang dry – think of the dryer as its kryptonite.

When we’d wear them: After party at Comic-Con!

Who we’d recommend them to: Manga fans and aspiring superheroes.

In three words: Whack! Ka-Bam! Blammo!!

For more information on this brand: Pikante

Photo Credit: Pikante
Product Supplied by: Pikante