Meet Peter Ward: Garçon Model’s New Beaux

Model Peter Ward is the new face of Garçon Model’s Youtube Channel. But don’t expect his videos to be your typical fix of eye candy. The brand’s new video campaign will be much more than that. Sure Peter Ward is a looker, especially when he’s wearing his Garçons. But what’s going to make Peter’s videos worth watching and rewatching is their real-world appeal. You can’t always get in the pants of underwear models, but at least you can walk in their shoes.

Garçon Model’s new video campaign with Peter Ward will give people the chance to follow the life of a literal Garçon Model in New York City. Peter’s posts will discuss things such as his favorite recipes, gym tips, and other in-depth looks at a day in the life of a male model. Because looking as good as Peter Ward does isn’t a full-time job, it’s a lifestyle.

Peter Ward’s first video takes us to a NYC rooftop and down into the subways. He’s on his way to the modeling agency for a fitting and a photoshoot. He takes to the rooftop terrace for the shots. And of course, he’s rocking his Garçons, like he always does.

You can watch Peter’s first video as a Garçon Model in New York City below. If he looks a little familiar, you’re probably remembering his appearance in Garçon’s “Dark Inspiration” video. Peter models their always appropriate BRICKELL Brief in that clip. It’s dark and brooding, and just as worth of multiple viewings.

What do you think about Garçon Model’s new model? Would you like to see him wearing your favorite pair of Garçons? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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