Malebasics Selfies Serve Up Sex Appeal On Instagram

Malebasics is one of those brands guys can’t help but show off. The brand has something of a reputation for being athletic and sexy, so it’s no wonder steamy Malebasics selfies pop up on Instagram from time to time. You have to appreciate the real life eye candy these guys serve up on social media. Whether it’s a model or a sexier-than-average Joe, Malebasics selfies are worth¬†more than a “Like”; they’re worth another look.

We took the liberty of putting our favorite Malebasics selfies below. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll spot looks from Malebasics’ Neon Collection, some of the brand’s performance underwear, and even looks from their Spot Collection. One of the brand’s models even makes it into the gallery. He takes a mirror selfie during a photoshoot to show off more than just that Malebasics waistband.

One of the sexiest things about the Malebasics selfies below, in our opinion, is how confident each of the guys are. They’re showing off their physiques in addition to their Malebasics underwear. Of course, Malebasics underwear is so flattering, you could just as easily call the pics “cocky.” But with bodies like that, and underwear from Malebasics, who wouldn’t want to show off?

Can any of your Malebasics selfies by found on Instagram? Which of the selfies below do you think is the hottest? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Malebasics, Instagram

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