Love In Fall With The Wood Striate Collection

Wood Striate Collection

When we say the Wood Striate Collection for Fall 2015 is all about fine lines, we aren’t talking about the cut of the underwear. We’re talking about the entire design of the Striate Collection. It comes in several of Wood’s underwear styles, and three color options that make striped undies fun again. Inspired by the rings of a tree, the Wood Striate Collection goes back to the brand’s roots more than ever (get it?).

Photographer Jerrad Matthew shoots model Dustin Ceithamer in the exclusive photoshoot below. Dustin models two hip briefs and a trunk from the Wood Striate Collection – and includes all of the collection’s color variations, of course. He’s shot against a urban concrete backdrop that serves as a nice contrast for the underwear’s tree inspiration. And not only does the urban setting emphasize the natural aesthetic of the Wood Striate Collection’s stripes, it also brings out the color options that make this collection a standout for Fall 2015 style.

Dustin’s got a lean, chiseled core with plenty of muscles to show the Wood Striate Collection at its best. He models all three of the collection’s hip briefs as well as the Aqua Striate Trunk. Each pair of underwear has a comfortably snug fit thanks to Wood’s ultra soft Lenzing Tencel material. It’s derived from wood cellulose, and makes the Striate Collection antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and thermoregulating. The fabric is also designed with a seamless print, letting those fashion-forward stripes keep running in the right direction.

As ripped as Dustin is, he still shows off what makes the Wood Striate Collection casual and suited for any men’s typical day. Even his edgy haircut can’t combat the welcoming pops of color on the collection’s Aqua Striate pairs. They’re accented with orange stripes that make a nice balance with the aqua and keep the design as attention-getting as ever. The orange hip brief is even brighter and brings Wood’s trademark color to the front and center.

Which color variation from the Wood Striate Collection best suits your personal taste? Is there a underwear style that makes the collection even better for your Fall 2015 looks? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Dustin Ceithamer

Products Supplied by Wood