Increase Your Stock With CheapUndies Packs

CheapUndies Packs are almost too good to be true. Compared to other brands, CheapUndies underwear is already sold at a lower price point, and with these CheapUndies packs, the brand is basically asking for you to rob them blind. They bundle their comfortable everyday pairs for a one-stop shop and an impossibly easy way to update your underwear collection.

There are currently two CheapUndies packs available that include seven pairs of underwear, one for every day of the week. Literally. The CheapUndies Briefday 7Pack Bundle ($69.99) and Trunkday 7Pack Bundle ($79.99) include pairs of underwear with day-of-the-week waistbands. On Mondays we wear black. Tuesday is for purple and Wednesday is mint. Thursday gets orange and Friday gets pink. Then for the weekend, Saturday gets yellow and Sunday gets blue.

Both the briefs and trunks in these CheapUndies packs are made with a premium cotton blend body and are all designed with low-rise waists and contoured pouches for a more flattering fit. Each is also designed with a white contrasting trim to complement the weekday waistbands.

The Impact Fly Brief 4Pack ($29.95) ditches the white accents and day-of-the-week theme to give you four sportier briefs. The pack includes orange, yellow, blue and pink pairs of underwear, each designed with a black contrasting trim and waistband. And like the CheapUndies pack name suggests, the Impact Fly Brief is also designed with a functional fly.

Which of these CheapUndies Packs would you use to save your underwear drawer? Do you make sure to wear your day of the week underwear on the appropriate day? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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