Guys Show Their Bear Skn On Instagram

Men come in more shapes and sizes than most pairs of brand name underwear. Enter Bear Skn. The brand is most reputable for catering to men sizes S – 6XL – because even big guys deserve some handsome, stylish underwear that leaves them feeling confident. That’s why the Bear Skn Instagram has its fair share of selfies, most of them of guys with more to love.

The Underwear Expert’s featured selfies from the Bear Skn Instagram do more than show the brand’s classic and sometimes outdoorsy aesthetic; they also show how Bear Skn underwear manages to provide a flattering fit for men who don’t have the body of an underwear model, which if we’re being honest, is most of us. No wonder these Bear Skn men are willing to literally bare skin and show the social media world all that they’ve got.

Another reason there are so many selfies lately on the Bear Skn Instagram is because the brand is currently holding a selfie contest. The man whose selfie gets the most likes by August 31 wins free underwear! All you have to do submit is post a selfie on Instagram and tag @bear_skn.

Are you a larger man lucky to have found Bear Skn underwear? Are any on your selfies on the Bear Skn Instagram? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Bear Skn, Instagram

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