Freedom Reigns Speedos: Bio-Fit And Pump

Freedom Reigns Speedos

Freedom Reigns Speedos incorporate innovative styles with bold color choices, making the man who wears one definitely stand from the crowd. The Freedom Reigns brand defies limits not only in its design, color choice and look, but also in its use of the most unique and finest fabrics. Two speedo styles in particular, the Bio-Fit and Pump speedos, evoke the revolutionary ambition and eccentric energy behind this singular underwear brand.

The Bio-Fit Speedo ($60) features a contoured pouch for maximum comfort with an inside drawstring waistband for a perfect fit. In a unique Fuchsia plaid Nylon, the Bio-Fit Speedo comes in 2 options. The first option features the Fuchsia plaid Nylon on the front of the Speedo, creating a bare, bold pink backside. The second option is reversed with a bare, bold pink front and Fuchsia plaid Nylon backside. Depending on which major selling point you’re trying to promote the most, you can pick whether or not you want to draw attention to your family jewels or your bum.

The Pump Speedo ($60) also features a contoured pouch for maximum comfort with a unique inside out drawstring waistband for a perfect fit. Stylistically, the Pump Speedo incorporates color blocking with a tropical floral print which is brought together with sport striping. The Pump Speedo has more of an exotic vibe and comes in either Tropical Yellow or Tropical White.

Which style do you prefer in the Freedom Reign Speedo Collection, Bio-Fit or Pump? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Freedom Reigns

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