Follow Your Pursuit For Happiness in The Tani Pursuit Collection

Tani Pursuit Collection

Looking for a new pair of underwear to keep you comfortable and cool? The Tan Pursuit Collection will have you feeling like there’s a party in your pants and everyone’s invited!

The Pursuit Boxer Brief ($45) comes in three colors: black, white and grey. The black and white boxer briefs are all one color throughout the garment. They both have silky waistbands in each respective color. The grey boxer brief is all grey except for its black silky waistband. The boxer briefs have a contoured pouch, giving you a little extra room up front.

The Pursuit fabric is so special that it’s imported from Japan. It’s super soft and has superior moisture wicking abilities, an awesome cooling effect that will keep you feeling comfortable and dry as you move throughout your day. It’s also biodegradable and eco-friendly. You can’t go wrong!

The moisture wicking and cooling abilities make this boxer brief perfect for both hot and cold climates. It will keep you comfortable no matter where you go. The Superfine™ woven fabric will also feel like silk against your skin, so feel like a million dollars when you walk into work!

Do you see yourself in the Tani Pursuit Collection? Which color boxer brief do you find most attractive? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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