Expert Opinion: 4 Reasons Why BodyAware Has The Best Mesh Shorts

Sometime between the 60s and today, short shorts went out of style, and I don’t know why. All men, at one time or another, felt comfortable enough to sport a high-cut leg style. There was a time when men wearing short shorts was the norm, but in the past couple of decades, this concept has become virtually extinct.

Today, when I think of mesh shorts, my mind immediately goes to basketball, and then I fall asleep. I visualize loose, ill-fitted “shorts” that reach just below the knee, usually in a navy-blue or grey color. But when I think of BodyAware’s mesh shorts ($22.95), my mind goes through some type of inexplicable reawakening and all I can think about is 60s inspired, lightweight, brilliantly colored, sport shorts – the way they were meant to be.

In comparison to today’s standard mesh shorts, BodyAware’s modification supersedes and outperforms.

Here are four reasons why:

First, the style is more conducive to an active man’s lifestyle. Whether it’s basketball, mountain climbing or long distance running, the encumbrance that comes along with having loose, below-the-knee length shorts can deter a man from performing to his highest caliber. BodyAware’s mesh shorts are high-cut and fit securely, giving your legs freedom and mobility.

Secondly, the color options will appeal to any guy. For men on the more conservative side, BodyAware’s mesh shorts come in black. For men looking to take a little bit of a risk, the shorts also come in neon green, neon orange and Bubble Yum pink. Each color is fun, playful and evokes high-energy and vitality. Not only are there more options to choose from than a standard mesh short, but each option has its own bright radiance.

Third, the comfort and flexibility of BodyAware’s mesh shorts also makes them multi-functional. Whether you’re wearing them to the beach, around the house, at the gym or for a run, the comfort and light weight design of these shorts makes them adaptable to various surroundings and activities.

Lastly, the fit is designed for your body. Each intricate detail that goes into BodyAware’s design makes these shorts more practical and valuable then today’s average basketball short. The shorts are designed in a way that highlights your sleek physique. There’s no lining and each short has overlapping side slit and a softly elasticated waistband. They’re a great addition to a man’s wardrobe, with minimal coverage and maximum styling.

The Bodyaware Mesh Short is available in sizes S – 2XL.

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