Blackspade Thermal Activewear, For The Perfect Fitness

Blackspade Thermal Activewear

Blackspade Thermal Activewear boasts an impressive amount of benefits many activewear collections do not; the biggest and best of them is that Blackspade Activewear is thermoregulating. They’re made with Blackspade’s Thermal Level 2 material (49% viscose, 49% polyester, 2% elastane) which means they’re suitable for both moderate and high body activities, and both cold and warm weather conditions.

One way Blackspade Thermal Activewear regulates your body temperature is by wicking moisture away from your skin with the capillary action of the fabric’s fibers. Another way Blackspade’s activewear keeps you comfortable is with a unique cross section that’s designed to trap pockets of air for added insulation against the cold. The same cross section also has a crenelated surface that makes Blackspade’s thermal activewear especially soft against your skin. And with a snug, full-coverage fit across the board, Blackspade Thermal Activewear will also prevent chafing.

Blackspade Thermal Activewear includes three underwear styles – a boxer brief, a 3/4 pant, and full-length pants – each of them on the longer side to keep up with the line’s thermal abilities. There are also eight active top styles to choose from, including a long-sleeve high neck shirt, a long sleeve zipper shirt, and a muscle shirt.

Blackspade’s line of thermal activewear is also made with natural fibers and can be washed at low temperature while retaining its shape.

Do you wear your Blackspade Thermal Activewear looks when you’re at the gym or out for a run? What kind of coverage do you like to work out in during the summer and winter? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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