Be Bad in the Radical Element Vance Tank

Radical Element Vance Tank

We all have a little bit of a bad boy persona inside of us – a James Dean alter ego, perhaps. Sometimes, you don’t want to wear a bright pink polo or a white linen button down – sometimes, you want to wear a radical black tank top with two large bullets on your chest. The New Radical Element Vance Tank does not only exude that bad boy masculinity, it also exudes sex appeal and a bit of danger. Each tank in this rebel-inspired collection is sure to get you a little extra attention wherever you go…because everyone loves a bad boy!

The Peacemaker Radical Element Vance Tank ($30.00) comes in black and features a vibrant digital print on the front: four handguns (black, yellow, orange, and pink) point south in a vertical line. The Peacemaker Radical Element Vance Tank is made from 100% cotton and has a slim fit. The aggressive nature of the guns is counteracted with the fluorescent, bright colors of each gun. This tank is perfect to wear with your favorite Radical Element swimwear on the beach, or your favorite pair of jeans at the bar.

The Radical Element Vance Tank ($30.00) comes in white and features “LA” spelled out in a series of gold bullets. The 3-D graphic print is extremely enticing. Throw this Vance Tank on with your favorite pair of aviators and shorts, and be sure to expect some extra attention on the boardwalk.

The Grenade Radical Element Vance Tank ($30.00) comes in grey and features an oversized orange/yellow grenade front and center. The oversized graphic is the perfect way to amplify and showcase your equally-as-large muscles that you’ve been working so hard on at the gym.

The new Radical Element Vance Tank Top Collection is available in sizes: S – XL.

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