The Underwear Expert’s PUMP! Summer Packing List

PUMP! and mesh are practically soulmates, and summer is the best time to bring yourself into their fold. The brand has its sporty-sexy thing down to a science. Unlike Andrew Christian and other more erotic brands, PUMP!’s aesthetic stays on the masculine side. You won’t find thongs, bikinis or any blatantly see-through materials. What you will find is the casual style of an active guy and whole lot of breathable mesh. This is The Underwear Expert’s packing list for a PUMP! summer (or basically the latest PUMP! looks on our personal wish list).

The brand’s new tanks are a must have for a PUMP! summer or any summer where the weather is warm and the sun is out. The Titan Tank “05” and Black Ninja Tank “07” are the darker of PUMP!’s three new tanks. Both are made with mesh and accented with the brand name and a numeral on the back. It’s like a reference to an athletic jersey style but with fashionable touches. The Titan Tank “05” has a dual color design that’s light blue on front and navy on back. Then the Black Ninja Tank “07” has a slick dual tone black design.

If you’re looking to live a PUMP! summer, you’ll also need something from the brand’s three latest underwear lines: Flash, Shock and Blue Steel. The Flash Line is the most “summery” with a bold red body and yellow accents. The Blue Steel and Shock lines are darker and closer to some of PUMP!’s classic designs. The Blue Steel look is all about navy, and the Shock look is all about a black/blue contrast.

Did you spot any of your favorite looks in The Underwear Expert’s PUMP! packing list? Which of their latests designs do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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