Strut Your Stuff In The Bodyaware Fishnet Styles

Bodyaware Fishnet Styles

Wanna catch the attention of that special someone? The Bodyaware Fishnet Styles are sure to catch some wanted attention and seduce the object of your desire! These styles are revealing and hot.

The Two Ring Jock ($13.95) is available in black and has bondage style elastic straps connected to two rings in the front that extend around your thighs and under your bum for extra support. The waistband features a logo patch right above the fishnet pouch. The fishnet pouch contours to your boys, putting them on display for whomever you choose.

The Breezy Fishnet Thong ($12.50) has a fishnet front that is connected to two hip straps on each side that are connected in the back by a ring. Show off your beautiful booty with this sexy thong in both black and red. The fabric is made up of a blend of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. The fishnet front is very breathable. The fishnet front shows off what’s to come to anyone you’re trying to seduce.

For all of the boxer guys who find that this styles might be too tight for them, try out the Easy Breezy Fishnet Boxer. The Easy Breezy Fishnet Boxer ($21.50) has a sporty look and a comfortable wide waistband with a logo patch right above where you want people to look. The leg inseam is 2.5 inches; its cut is high on your thigh, so you can show off those manly legs. The see-through mesh material makes up the whole garment, so you still show off your whole body for whoever you choose.

Which of the Bodyaware Fishnet Styles would you like to use to woo your partner? Do you like feeling a breeze between your knees? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @underwearexpert.

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