teamm8’s M8 Of March: Andrew Menechian

Andrew Menechian

If muscles “do it for you,” then teamm8’s third Mate Of The Month is sure to charm you. Bodybuilder Andrew Menechian was named the brand’s M8 Of March, and physically, he’s the biggest one yet. In his interview with teamm8, Andrew admits he always liked the idea of being stronger. At the young age of 13, he began doing body weight exercises. Now 26-years-old, Andrew’s spent half of his life improving his body. It shows, but his impressive physique isn’t what landed him the M8 Of March title. Rather, it was the humbleness that he maintained while accomplishing his childhood goals.

In 2013, Andrew broke the Australia deadlift record by lifting 301kg (about 663 lbs.), but not after missing his attempt at 290 kg. His previous best had been 280 kg. Still, the judges at the powerlifting competition granted him a fourth attempt.

“I went to the warmup area and with the support of my mates, I went out there and gave it everything I had,” Andrew says. “I ended up getting the Australia deadlift record with 301kg in the under 90kg class (a 21kg personal best).”

With that accomplishment under his belt, Andrew’s current aspiration is to become an elite level IFBB Pro Physique Athlete. Along the way, he hopes to inspire others to make lifestyle changes for the better. That is, after all, part of how Andrew defines an “everyday champion.”

“[An everyday champion is] someone who puts in the hard work and time to reach their goals and become the best at what they want to do,” Andrew says, “while remaining humble at the same time. Also, someone that always has time to help others along the way.”

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