Review: Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer

Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer

Item reviewed: Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer

About the product: The Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer is made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. It actually looks quite sporty with a 1.5” blue band that extends down the behind, and the front is red, separated by blue piping. The cotton in the Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer has substance to it. It fits slightly snug after washing, but better to accentuate the goods.  However, it still feels comfortable, and when worn, will probably stretch back out. The Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer has a pocket pouch that is cut nicely without the points.

These however lose points on two very strange things: there is a semi hard plastic label of the brand “Modus Vivendi” on the left side of the band that just does not sit right. It doesn’t bend and contour to the body and fabric.  So it looks like you have a piece of twist tie hanging off your waist. The second thing is the label. It is attached “vertically” going sideways on the waist band. This is not flattering, if it sticks out like the ones at the back of our shirts do.

What we like: We like the cut of the pouch and the sturdy cotton material – definitely good quality fabric. We also like the fact that it doesn’t dull after washing. The colors are still bright, sport, and new-looking in the Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer.

When we’d wear them: Working out or just wear them alone during a yoga class.

Who we’d recommend them to: The younger sporty guys who aren’t afraid of doing yoga in their underwear.

In three words: Sporty. Sturdy. Sexy.

Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer
Modus Vivendi Pride Boxer


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