Review: Marco Marco Solid Brief

Marco Marco Solid Brief

Item reviewed: Marco Marco Solid Brief – Scarlet Red

About the product: The Marco Marco Solid Brief is made from 92% viscose and 8% spandex. A color blocked panel is used to accentuate the brief’s pouch, as well as trim its legs. One could argue that the color blocked panel also gives the pair a more contemporary feel. The Scarlet Red color of the Solid Brief is contrasted by a black center seam down the pouch’s front. The waistband features the Marco Marco brand name in white lettering against the black elastic. Other color variations of the Marco Marco Solid Brief are also designed with black center seams and a white-on-black waistband. This makes for a great variety of options that you can wear year-round.

What we liked: The red/black contrast used for the Scarlet Red Marco Marco Solid Brief makes the everyday pair of underwear a little sexy. No, we take that back – it makes it a lot sexy. The bright and vibrant red carries over to the leg seams, giving the back of the brief its own, more subtle flash of color. The center seam makes the brief rather comfortable. The leg seams also curve nicely for a comfortable fit all-around, so you can wear them literally anywhere – at the gym, lounging around the house, or underneath your suit at the office.

When we’d wear them: A date where we may or may not get lucky. Bar-hopping with friends and strangers you meet along the way. Getting dressed at the gym.

Who we’d recommend them to: Men who walk with the confidence a red pair of underwear suggests. Off-duty gogo dancers. Guys who wear a lot of black.

In three words: Sizzle. Modern. Comfortable.


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