Review: Liquid Onyx Male Power Pouch Short

Male Power Pouch Short

Item reviewed: Male Power Pouch Short

About the product: The Male Power Pouch Short in Liquid Onyx is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, but it is 100% hot! Okay, we know that that is a bit cheesy, but it’s true – the black shiny material is very revealing on this low-rise short. There are no other accents on the short, outside of the generous pouch, which draws the eye in and down. The fabric is smooth to the touch and very stretchy – also, it is surprisingly comfortable.

What we like: The shine and style of the short are definite attention-getters, so this short is not for the faint of heart. And don’t be fooled by the fun, flirty look – the short has substance as well as sex appeal. It only helps remind you that it is what underneath that truly counts. This short is not meant to be covered up by any other article of clothing – which is not a problem for us, as we never mind showing off what is underneath our clothes. Any guy that drops trou to reveal the Pouch Short is a brave, bold, and sexy soul, in our humble opinions.

When we’d wear them: The bedroom is a perfect place for these shorts. They definitely say “I mean business.” Anyone wanting to start the night with a bit of confidence (and wanting to continue on that cocky streak) should own a pair of these shorts. Anyone who wants to surprise their SO with a hot new look that screams, “Come and get it.”

Who we’d recommend them to: We would recommend them to anyone who wants to spice up the bedroom, or introduce a new surprise element into an evening.

In three words:  Seductive. Commanding. Attention.

Male Power Pouch Short
Male Power Pouch Short


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