Mundo Unico Playa Swim Briefs Now In Sporty Designs

Mundo Unico Playa

Foreign swimwear designs always seem to have more fun. The Mundo Unico Playa Swim Brief ($42) was updated in the Colombian brand’s 2015 Mestizo Collection with two new designs. Like the previous swim briefs, the Mundo Unico Playa briefs are made from 84% nylon and 16% spandex, giving them a fit that is snug and defines your bod’s contours. But that’s just the tip of the (melting) iceberg. They’re also designed with a low rise waist. Taken with the narrow cut, the Mundo Unico Playa Swim Brief is a full coverage look that still leaves the maximum amount of skin exposed.

The new Ancash design is the sportiest of the entire Mundo Unico Playa Swim Brief line. Color blocking and side stripes are applied to the skimpy style, making the most of what little fabric there is. The pouch is white – a nice touch – and flanked by bold sections of navy. Wrap around and you find a bold red stripe before the brief again becomes white on the rear. It gives the Mundo Unico Playa briefs a unique, fun, and sexy look that is reminiscent of old-school swimwear looks.

The Playa Tijuca Swim Brief is also sporty, but from a more stylish approach. Available in coral and acqua green, Mundo Unico applies contrasting seams to the brief’s legs and alongside its pouch. The coral look features white accents for a classic contrast. The aqua green option is more fashion-forward with dual tones of green.

The Mundo Unico Plays Swim Brief is available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Mundo Unico

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