Man On The Beach, In ST33LE Swimwear

ST33LE Swimwear

ST33LE Swimwear is designed with two things in mind that don’t often go hand-in-hand: athletic performance and high-end fashion. Photographed again by Adrian C. Martin, the ST33LE Swimwear briefs and trunks all have a fit that stays close to the wearer’s body and allows for increased mobility and freedom in the water. ST33LE Swimwear cuts are also rather revealing, and all the better to be modeled by Christopher Garcia.

We personally think Christopher, a 28-year-old professional Jui-Jitsu fighter, looks best in the ST33LE Paradiso Trunks (though he really looks fabulous in any style). Worn in their tan color options, they make the most of a color that is seldom seen in underwear, let alone swimwear. The tan comes close to reaching a military-esque tone that emphasizes the look’s masculinity as well as the model’s. The ST33LE Belmare Briefs look great on him for a similar reason, modeling their military green color options. Of course if “masculine” and “reserved” aren’t on your swimwear checklist, both swim styles are available in bright red looks and summery prints.

ST33LE Swimwear made sure to cover its bases this summer – you can feel fancy-free in bright prints or chic in solid colors. The choice is yours.

Which ST33LE Swimwear style do you think is the most flattering on Christopher? Do you own other styles of apparel by ST33LE? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: ST33LE

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model: Christopher García

Location: Tenerife