Low Cut High Def: The Pikante Castro Collection

Pikante Castro Collection

The Pikante Castro Collection includes four underwear styles, each made from a stretch microfiber (85% nylon, 15% spandex) that fits snug against your every curve. Your every curve. The collection’s thong ($20.48), boxer ($22.48), brief ($19), and jockstrap ($22.48) are all designed with an anatomically-shaped pouch that leaves little to the imagination. Giving your junk a highly definited outline, each Castro pair leaves the wearer with a sexy silhouette and boost.

The Pikante Castro Brief ($19) and Boxer ($22.48) are the collection’s two full-coverage looks. They keep your rear completely covered, but are still far from discrete with the anatomical pouch. Both underwear styles are cut more narrow than typical briefs and boxers, adding to their sex appeal.

The Pikante Jockstrap ($22.48) and Thong ($20.48) both have no coverage around the rear. Unlike other styles in the collection, the jockstrap is exclusively designed with color blocking that draws even more attention to the pouch. As snug as the pouch is, the elongated design is made to cradle your package while still, clearly, showing it off.

The Pikante Castro Collection is available in sizes S – XL. Each look come in Black, White, Red, or Green.

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For more information on this brand: Pikante

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