Editor’s Pick: Joe Snyder

Editor's Pick: Joe Snyder

birdeauxEditor’s Pick: Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer – Wine ($29.22)

Why We Love It: Just like every man has different things that “do it for him,” there are different kinds of sex appeal to be found in the men’s underwear market. Joe Snyder’s take on sexy man underwear is relatively flashy. The materials form to a man’s shapes and curves. And when it comes our Editor’s Pick Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer, full-coverage underwear can still be your go-to pair for hooking up, whether it’s with a longtime partner, or with someone brand new that you meet on Friday night.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: The wine color of the Bulge Boxer is a mature color option – it says, “I have enough taste to know that my boxers shouldn’t all feature cartoon characters, and I’m not so boring that I stay in the black, white, and gray range.” It’s fashionable, handsome, and makes this particular boxer less forward than the other colors – so you don’t get too wild under your pants. The cut is the same sexy shape—butt-hugging, and like a second skin. The bulge-enhancing design, though, can’t help but bring attention to your assets. Our Editor’s Pick: Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer also doubles as swimwear.

How We’d Wear It: The sleek fit of the Bulge Boxer would slide nicely under any pair of pants – even your favorite pair of skinny jeans. We would wear the wine Bulge Boxer on a night of clubbing and dancing.

Other Favorites: Mini Cheek Pride Frame – Neon Blue ($29), PST-2-12 Black-Sky ($34)

What do you think makes Joe Snyder a sexy underwear brand? Is it their fabrics or their underwear cuts? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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