Review: Cozy And Bright In The Betones Breath Boxer

Item Reviewed: Betones Breath Boxer

About the product: The Betones Breath Boxer provides full coverage, sits just below the waist, and goes down about 1/3 of the leg. They’re made from a 40% nylon, 30% polyurethane, 25% cotton, and 5% rayon blend. The material is both moisture wicking and stretchy. The pouch is seamless and the boxers contain minimal seams overall. They only come in one size but in several color combinations. Each combination has matching bright top and bottom stripes and two thicker, more prominent, middle stripes in a contrasting color. The waistband consists of the brand’s logo across the front as well as a thin stripe across the waist, both of which match the color of the top and bottom stripes.

What we like: The material plus the minimal seams together create a ridiculously comfortable pair of underwear that you could wear all day—and after a bit, completely forget that you were even wearing them. You won’t be thinking about them at all. They are that comfortable.

When we’d wear them: A day in the office. Walking around the city. Spending several hours traveling.

Who we’d recommend them to: A guy looking for a pair of underwear that won’t require constant readjusting, shifting, or fixing.

In three words: Comfortable. Bright. Fitting.


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Photo Credit: Betones

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