Review: Betones 70s Psychedelic Boxer A Comfortable Trip

Betones 70s Psychedelic

About the product: Betones 70s Psychedelic trunks have a smooth, comfortable elastic waistband, minimal seaming and a flat front. They are made from 50% polyester, 40% nylon, and 10% polyurethane. The Betones 70s Psychedelic Boxer is designed with a bright, fun clown print – perfect if you don’t take your underwear drawer (or yourself) too seriously.

What we like: The minimal seaming on the Betones 70s Psychedelic Boxer offers a smooth silhouette and a low profile underneath pants (the flat front may be a little constricting for extra-endowed guys). Betones 70s Psychedelic is great at cleverly incorporating pop-culture and whimsical elements into its designs, and this carnival-themed trunk is tons of fun for both you and your partner. The grinning clown may terrify the coulrophobes in your life but think Bozo – not Pennywise or Twisty. And hopefully, your partner won’t be scared of clowns! The Betones 70s Psychedelic clown is a happy guy surrounded by stars and rainbows; enjoy the magic of this playful trunk!

When we’d wear them: Any time. But we definitely know what we’re wearing when the circus comes to town!

Who we’d recommend them to: This trunk has a good amount of stretch but is one-size only, so may be best for guys with a smaller build. This is the perfect pair for the fun-loving guy who loves bright colors and bold patterns – and doesn’t take life too seriously!

In three words: Playful. Pop. Bozo!



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