Review: Aware Soho Striped Boxer Heads The Right Direction

Aware Soho Striped Boxer

Item reviewed: Aware Soho Striped Boxer

About the product: The Aware Soho Striped Boxer is a snug fitting upper-thigh length cotton boxer. They feature a roomy, no-fly pouch and large branded waistband. The pouch is framed by a white seam, which is stitched on the outside for added comfort.

What we like: These form-fitting boxers cover just the right amount of leg. The roomier pouch with its external stitching ensures the only friction you receive is from wanted sources. While nothing to write home about, these are a solid pair of utility everyday boxers.

When we’d wear them: Business trips. The weekly grind. While seeing family.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys looking to stock up on comfortable weekly underwear in a variety of interesting colors

In three words: Basic. Dependable. Firm.


Aware Soho Striped Boxer
Aware Soho Striped Boxer


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