Modus Vivendi Sees Red On Valentine’s Day

Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re about to  . Your partner moves to unbutton your pants. He or she pulls them off and sees: that same old pair you’re always wearing. Talk about a let down. But there is no need for underwear disappointment, not when the Modus Vivendi Valentine’s Day special collection has 41 looks in it.

Looks for the special collection are taken from the brand’s main collections. It includes more recently released styles such as red looks from the Masai Line—both its underwear and loungewear. More basic designs are also included in the collection. Styles such as the Double Boost Boxer and the Querelle Short both have full coverage designs with sporty res/white contrasts.

And since this is a collection intended for Valentine’s Day, there are some sexy red numbers included as well. The Zipper Jockstrap’s name gives away its best assets—a zipper pouch and your ass. The Flag Jockstrap adds and extra strap and metallic studs. The C-Through Brief is mostly made from fishnet.

You can see the entire Modus Vivendi Valentine’s Day Special Collection here.

Is red underwear you go-to for sexy underwear? What Modus Vivendi design do you think your partner would want to see you in? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Modus Vivendi

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