ManView Pocket Sport Boxer Holds More Of Your Goods

ManView Pocket Sport Boxer

The ManView Pocket Sport Boxer ($22) has an athletic appearance and scores several points for cuteness. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the boxer is available in 5 different color options. Each one of them is styled with colorblocked panels and contrasting seams – they all have a very international look to them, like the kind of underwear you’d tell that special someone you bought while abroad. The color blocked panels and contrasting seams also smartly highlight the boxer’s two side pockets—easily their best feature, and one that we definitely love to show off.

The legs on the ManView Pocket Sport Boxer are 7-inches long. The short cut of the legs push the style closer to a trunk, and give the look those cuteness points we previously mentioned. The waistband on each color options is white, 1.5 inches, and features the brand name in black repeating around the elastic – this makes picking out a pair of underwear in the morning more efficient for you, as you can just ask your partner to “Grab my ManViews.”

The pouch on the ManView Pocket Sport Boxer is also contoured. This completes the boxer’s pass at sex appeal. It gives your package the support and definition you want, especially on a snug-fitting pair of underwear.

The ManView Pocket Sport Boxer is available in sizes S-XL, and comes in white/blue, red/black, light blue/white, green/white, and black/red.

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Photo Credit: ManView Bodywear

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