Mack Weldon Valentine’s Day Does A Little Self-Love

Mack Weldon Valentine's Day

Mack Weldon Valentine’s Day is not your average V-Day – the company is not only celebrating love between partners, but also love for yourself. As the saying goes, you have to love yourself before you love someone else. The team in charge of Mack Weldon Valentine’s Day realizes that, which is why the Mack Weldon 2.14 Bundle ($95) makes it a whole lot easier – not just to love yourself, but to look dapper for whatever lover your newfound confidence reveals (as we’re sure you’re going to attract some new crushes when putting this bundle to use). Its claim to the holiday comes from a burgundy Mack Weldon Boxer Brief – the perfect color for a saucy Valentine’s Day. It’s also an incredibly masculine color, and is romantic enough for Mack Weldon Valentine’s Day, and handsome enough for any day of the year. You’re sure to wear these looks year-round and be passionate about doing so.

Aside from the boxer brief, the Mack Weldon 2.14 Bundle also includes a modern white V-neck and four pairs of socks. One pair is solid black with a light blue toe, heel, and rim around the cuff. Two of the pairs are striped: red/black and pink/black/grey. The final pair is black and spotted with small blue dots. And what guy (we ask), doesn’t love a great, comfy, and sexy new pair of socks? After all, when you strip down to just your socks, that is the universal sign that it is business time in the bedroom.

The Mack Weldon 2.14 is available in sizes S-XXL.

Will you show yourself a little love with Mack Weldon Valentine’s Day? What is your favorite item included in the bundle? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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