Jack Adams Laces Fitness With Fashion

A large part keeping up with “the fashion world” may seem a bit unnecessary to more “traditionally masculine” men—the ripped guys at the gym, always by the free weights and wearing that one ratty old tank. But in actuality, that is no longer case in 2015; the old adage “mind over matter” proves true at the gym, especially when it comes to confidence. Feeling attractive at the gym can do wonders for you workout performance. It’s why underwear brands such as Jack Adams keep landing in our gym bags. The confidence boost is like a topical pre-workout, adding fuel to your pump– And style to your workout wardrobe.

Men already take steps to increase their confidence at the gym. Who doesn’t have that one song they play when they really need to dig deep and muster their strength? The right gym clothing does something similar. They’ll have you feeling your best so that you can perform at your best. Jack Adams designs gym clothing in addition to underwear, these with a stylish athleticism.


It’s commonly said, in various ways, the fashion and function are The Kickboxer Mesh Short is designed with legs more common for running shorts. The legs part in the center, but reach almost as low as your knees. Many of Jack Adams’ short designs are designed similarly, with 100% polyester mesh and contrasting racing stripes down the legs. Most of their shorts have a shorter length though, allowing even more leg to show. But the real sex appeal is saved for the underwear, and the locker room.

The Jack Adams X Fly Jock is one of those hot performance pairs. The design takes the sporty underwear style and makes it thinner, more strappy, and more revealing. Other designs keep this masculine sex appeal in tact. The Gridiron Trunk is designed with a zipper fly, and the Tie-Back Jockstrap has lace ties in the back.


Several underwear designs by Jack Adams are made from nylon and polyester. Both of these materials are commonly used for active underwear and apparel because they are lightweight and keep the wearer cool and dry. But the sleek comfort of performance wear is something more and more men are seeking beyond the gym. Runway shows revealed 2015 designer collection’s to have mesh apparel. More and more brands are fusing casual fashion with function.

As sporty and stylish as Jack Adams may be, their looks are still great for wearing around the house or under casual attire. The Punt Air Hoodie is sleeveless and mesh, perfect for a warm day after doing arms at the gym. The Core-V Tank has an ultra-stylish neck and casual style.


You up your weight at the gym. You work on your self. So why no up your style game? Choosing not to is choosing to not work out at your full potential.

Are you one of those men who wears his gym clothes beyond the gym? What is your favorite Jack Adams look? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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