Freedom Reigns Tech Fit Goes Deep For Activewear

The Freedom Reigns Tech Fit Collection is made from 85% cotton and 15% spandex. The collection is part of the Freedom Reigns Sport line, and great for working out. The sleeveless hoodies ($78) are pretty sexy, designed with a deep v-neck and and stylish color accents. The collection also includes sweat pants ($95). These are designed with the same black/red and grey/yellow contrasts, and made from the same material.

The Freedom Reigns Tech Fit hoodie is breathable and fits close to the body, thanks to its use of spandex. The red and yellow contrasts are located within the hood and around the arm holes. The must-have center pocket is also contrasting on both looks. The pocket is grey on the black look and black on the grey. This third color balances out each hoodie handsomely, and adds to the athletic appeal of both.

The pants use the contrasts in unique ways. The Tech Fit pants have contrasting stripes down the legs, suggestively placed on the inside of the legs. The stripe is also connected to another one, horizontal and wrapping around the knees. The grey pants have a little more contrast than the black, since both also have black drawstrings.

The Freedom Reigns Tech Fit Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Freedom Reigns

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