Editor’s Pick: Freedom Reigns

Editor's Pick: Freedom Reigns

2-img-2Editor’s Pick: FXS-3-14 Charcoal-Fuschia ($65)

Why We Love It: Our Editor’s Pick: Freedom Reigns is great at creating looks that communicate their All-American aesthetic. Their vibe is consistently sporty and casual, and even their more trendy design features serve either of those purposes – whether you want to take a jog in a nearby park, or throw them on for Sunday brunch. It can truly go anywhere and everywhere, any day of the week. The grey/black/pink contrasts on this pair of shorts are one of their better ones. The pink pop is more than just a sporty touch – it’s a stylish one that is not soon forgotten. The Editor’s Pick: Freedom Reigns is an amazing addition to The Underwear Expert’s picks.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: We chose Freedom Reigns as our editor’s pick, If a man is wearing pink, chances are it’s on a piece of performance wear – and changes are, he has no issue with his masculinity. But the 85% cotton, 15% spandex blend of the shorts is more suitable for lounging around in gym-level comfort, versus showing off. The cotton blend gives it the perfect amount of comfort and makes them your first choice when it comes to selecting your daily pair of shorts, especially during the warm summer months. The shorts are also designed with a button closure on the waist. This touch makes the shorts more casual than athletic, and a perfect option for at-home comfort with a jock appeal.

How We’d Wear It: These shorts would go into our gym bag, the look we wear on our way out after a successful gym session. Or we would wear these at home, a day spent binge-watching things on Netflix.

Other Favorites: NPB-2-6 Black ($30), PST-2-12 Black-Sky ($34)

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