Croota Seamless Underwear Prints

Croota’s new collection expands upon last year’s successful seamless underwear line. The California-based brand launches 4 new styles and 9 different style grades. The cut of Croota’s Seamless Underwear is modern, wrapping around your body in a smooth and snug way – even better for the polished and trendy new designs to pop. Among the new arrivals are a white tiger and the great unknown.

The limited edition Tiger Contrast line comes in light and slate shades of grey in Croota’s Seamless Underwear. Both have a white tiger wrapping around the right hip and a kangaroo standing on the left thigh with a brand logo. Applied to the contemporary underwear style, the animal graphics make a trendy statement that plays up the form-fitting look.

The Croota Jetliner line holds the the brand’s most modern pairs of underwear. The color options are denim blue and wine. Contrasting accents make the boxer’s appearance even more handsome—done in the opposite color option. The brand name is scrawled in sexy thin lettering across the front of the underwear, reaching from hip to hip. There is also a thin stripe around just the right leg, making the boxer asymmetrical.

Asymmetry is always a strong style choice, and Croota’s Seamless Underwear, it’s mightily handsome. The Tiger Contrast line is asymmetrical as well, but the noticeable exclusion of the thin stripe on the left leg makes the Jetliner line one of Croota’s best new looks.

The Space Contrast and All That Pattern lines both have seamless fits and prints. The All The Pattern line is the largest with three individual pairs, each with thin, modern plaid. The Space Contrast has two, space and stars in black and white contrast.

Croota seamless underwear is made from 54% polyester, 35% nylon, and 11% elastane.The blend has a stretchy fit the keeps the seamless underwear comfortable, snug, and light.

Which new Croota line do you think you’d pull off the best? Are any of your pairs of underwear rocking an asymmetrical design? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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