XDress European Tricot Has Crotchless Man Panties

The XDress European Tricot Collection includes three different briefs, each made entirely from nylon tricot. The satin material is luscious, both in appearance and the way it feels against your skin. The collection’s three options are also sultry, making one a total sex man panty.

It’s called the Spank Me Brief ($17.95). Like everything in this indulgent collection, this style is trimmed in lace, and comes in white, blue, red, and pink. What makes it naughty—and deserving of a spanking—is its crotchless design. There is more lace trim around the revealing not-a-crotch. But it does more than show off your goods. It also reveals your greats. The crotchless cut-out runs from front to back and stops about where your rear’s crack does.

For those for appreciate a less aggressive, yet equally handsy form of foreplay, there is the European Tricot Brief ($17.95) and the Satin Tricot Brief ($16.95). Both of these underwear styles are seamless, the Satin Tricot Brief with a contoured crotch. The Satin Tricot Brief is also cut wide and trimmed with lace around its waist and legs. The European Tricot Brief is more revealing and rises to be super narrow around the sides.

The XDress European Tricot Collection is available in sizes S-2XL.

Which look in the XDress European Tricot Collection would you slip in to? Do you think the super lacy Spank Me Brief deserves a spanking? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: XDress

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