Have You Taken The TUX Awards Survey?

The Underwear Expert is holding the first ever TUX Awards! We are breaking down the very best of all things underwear from 2014. This means brands, briefs; even models and those sexy underwear videos we love so much. But who will the Tux go to? That’s up to you, Underwear Expert readers.

Fill out the TUX Awards Survey below and let us know what you think represents the very best in men’s underwear. You can type your answers in the boxes provided, or simply paste a link from our site or a brand’s.

You have until midnight, February 05 to name your nominees. The top picks in each category will be the official 2014 TUX Nominees. This will start another round of voting. Winners will be announced on Sunday, February 22nd (the same day as The Oscars).