Review: Simply Put, We Love The teamm8 Racer Brief

Item reviewed: teamm8 Racer Brief

About the product: The teamm8 Racer Brief has an athletic design that evokes the brand’s active and stylish flair. It is constructed with a roomy pouch and cut slightly higher along the rear—allowing for more room in both the front and back. The legs also have a higher cut, suitable for men with built thighs. The pouch is accented with sporty piping on either side, a three-stripe detail that gives the teamm8 Racer Brief strong contrasts. The brief is constructed from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, the style is form-fitting and soft.

What we like: The teamm8 Racer Brief is a look you can’t help but feel confident in. The accenting stripes along the pouch serve to bring the look some athleticism as well as a touch of attractive masculinity. The fit is also great around the back, the rise of the rear making a noticeable difference on a bigger butt. The roomy pouch is also comfortable, and never requires readjusting. Each of the teamm8 Racer Brief’s color options sport the same style, but the black Racer Brief is the best. The light blue and white stripes look stunning on the black. This is one of our favorite pairs.

When we’d wear them: Leaving the gym after a successful workout. One a first date. Racing around while running errands. Basic days where you get A-Z done and want to look go doing it.

Who we’d recommend them to: The teamm8 Racer Brief is great for younger guys, whether they are sporty or simple want to rock a sporty style. These would also be great for guys who think they “graduated” from briefs and moved on to boxers. The brief cut here is near perfect and sure to be appreciated for its freedom.

In three words: Sporty. Cute. Flattering.


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