Discover TORIO Print Boxers, Find The Hidden Message

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to TORIO Print Boxers. In fact, every underwear style released by this gleefully unabashed brand has a hidden message. Looking for the underwear’s secret is half of the fun. These unconventional prints hold your attention like a promising joke. But if you want to know the punchline, you’ll have to hit the lights. Each TORIO Boxer ($29) has an illuminating glow-in-the-dark accent, adding a sly wink to the designs.

Some of the brand’s more animated prints are found on the Cowgirl Boxer and the Pirate Boxer. Both remind us of “Where’s Waldo” searches—less dizzying but just as intricate and detailed. They’re more like settings, depicting cowgirls wrangling bulls, or monkey pirates at sea. You read that right. The hidden message on the Cowgirl Boxer is a prickly cactus right on the crotch. The Pirates Boxer challenges you to find the monkey pirate captain—he’s revealed in the dark.

In the open light, the Plant Eating Insects Boxer and Bone Boxer have the most fashionable prints. Still plenty amusing, they’re more upbeat takes on floral and dark-themed underwear. On the Bone Boxer, bones cross to form Xs over a black body. The look is held together with a pink waistband and pink seams, a stylish contrast. The Pants Eating Insects look is a floral print one a grey body. These plants aren’t precious roses though. We get Venus flytraps and that vicious flower from “Jumanji.”

TORIO Print Boxers are available in sizes S/M (28″-32″), M/L (32″-36″), and L/XL (36″-40″).

Which of the wacky TORIO Prints Boxers did you find the most clever? Which one do you think has the best hidden message? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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