Blackspade Thermal Active Is All-Terrain

The Blackspade Thermal Active line is made from 49% viscose, 49% polyester, and 2% elastane. The special fibers keep each of the line’s looks lightweight, and even makes each one moisture wicking. But the real benefit of this line, which includes long underwear and long-sleeve tops, is the warmth it brings. The designs actually trap air pockets and insulate from the cold.

The line includes a boxer, 3/4 pant, and long johns. The three underwear styles come in black and white, and all provide full levels of coverage. The 3/4 pant is the most versatile. Stopping just below the knee, its length is suitable for not just intense activity, but as an extra layer when long johns feel like too much.

The Blackspade Thermal Active line also includes long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, both with crew necks and v-necks. It also includes a tank and muscle shirt. These all have classic, clean-cut designs, and are made from the same insulating material.

The line’s most unique tops are the Thermal Active Zipper T-Shirt and the High-Neck T-Shirt. While the entire Blackspade Thermal Active line is suitable for any climate, these are perfect for the cold. The zipper lets the look breathe enough to not overheat you, and the high neck shirt is easily the warmest of all.

The Blackspade Thermal Active line is available in sizes S-XXL.

Which style of top from the Blackspade Thermal Active line would best complete your winter workout looks? When would you wear the Blackspade Thermal Active 3/4 Pant? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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