20 Hours Left to Support our Kickstarter

We’re down to the last 20 hours of our Kickstarter campaign however we still need your help to raise additional funds to make this project successful. While we’re at 125% of our funding, additional funds will enable us to increase our inventory and offer even more customizations and options to curate your underwear collection perfectly.

By now you’ve heard how our Curated Underwear Club will be the first of its kind, an entirely fresh approach to how men get their underwear. By focusing on the man before his underwear, our Curated Underwear Club strips away styles you wouldn’t ever wear, and the colors you simply don’t know how to wear. You should feel confident in every pair you own. Your “unmentionables” should be worth bragging about.

In 2014 alone, The Underwear Expert published more than 2,000 articles on men’s underwear and interacted with hundreds of underwear brands, not to mention more than our fair share of underwear models—men who make a living wearing underwear. We’re super thrilled that many of the models we’ve worked with in the past appeared on social media to support our Curated Underwear Club. Even underwear models want The Underwear Expert’s help perfecting their underwear collections!



Our Curated Underwear Club is here to help men rethink their underwear choices, and reconsider what they’ve been wearing all these years. (A 4-pack from Wal-Mart, really?) The glowing support from our Kickstarter backers tells us we’ve at least got men thinking about their underwear, which is a success to us already. Once our Curated Underwear Club is up and running, we’ll be changing the world of men’s underwear one drawer at a time.

You can assist our fundraising by supporting us with as little as $1. Every backer has the ability to leave a public comment for the Kickstarter community to see and we highly encourage you to do this. The more backers and comments we get, the more likely Kickstarter will determine that our project is popular and potentially feature it on their site.

  1. Support the Kickstarter with $1 or more. (Backing levels of $30 or more come with underwear subscriptions.)
  2. Leave a comment on Kickstarter.
  3. Share our Kickstarter link on Facebook and email it to people who love underwear!

For more information, please visit the Underwear Expert Kickstarter.

Photo Credit: Adrián C. Martín