Yes Jor Sir! Underwear With Suspenders

The Jor Sir Collection ($30.50) includes a boxer and brief, but the underwear itself isn’t the highlight. We’re looking at those suspenders. They’re a softer take on harnesses, which are becoming more and more popular in men’s underwear. Underwear with suspenders, though, is an exciting innovation. It’s an underwear style for when clothes aren’t part of your day’s outfit. These bad boys men are meant to be seen.

The Jor Sir Collection comes in orange, black, and white. Each color has a waistband and suspenders in a contrasting color. The black is paired nicely with red, playing up what can be taken as a kinky underwear look. The other two are sportier, the white with black and the orange with navy blue.

The underwear body attached to the suspenders is equally attractive. Made from a 94% cotton, 6% spandex blend, both the boxer and brief have a body-hugging fit. They also have contoured pouches to give your junk a lift. Masculine and original, the Jor Sir line is worth looking up to. Show some respect.

The Jor Sir Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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