Tommy John Dominick Stripe Sock, Seasonal Style

Spend the holiday season in style, and with touches of color and class, with the Tommy John Dominick Stripe Sock line! A flash from these fabulous casual socks ($16) will be all the rave at any holiday party. Not only do they help compliment an outfit, but they can complete it as well.

With two color options, the potential number of new outfits you have to rock is endless. Try them out in the Ocean Depths Green look of green, blue and grey colors. Or give the Beaujolais Maroon a try with its maroon, blue and dark grey color combo. These sock are not only fashionable, but they prove a functional pair as well. Designed with a comfort cuff, the ribbed socks will also keep your toes warm as you travel between parties. They have also been constructed with a Y-Heel to eliminate bunching and arch support.

The Tommy John Dominick Stripe Sock collection is one size fits most from 8-13.

Serve the holidays with style in the Tommy John Dominick Stripe Sock line and let us know how much of a hit they were by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Tommy John

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