teamm8 Mate For December: Zak Taylor

Thank you teamm8 for saving the best for last. The outrageously sexy Zak Taylor is the brand’s M8 of December and the final mate for 2014. At just 23-years-old, Zak has ambition and drive beyond his years. Just this year, he competed in the Asia Pacific Fitness Model Competition and Musclemania Australia. He placed second in both, which is impressive especially for a first time competitor. And interestingly enough, Musclemana’s top prize went to last month’s M8, Ben ‘AbStacker’ Handsaker.

Zak Taylor is a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Balmain. Like the best of them, Zak hopes to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and to improve their wellbeing. In his interview with teamm8, he describes a “gold medal moment” with a client of his. The client lost 50 kgs. — or 110 lbs. — and thanked Zak for saving his life.

Zak’s main goal is to appear on the cover of a Men’s Fitness magazine. It’s the pinnacle of any fitness model’s career, and solid proof of Zak’s hard work. Probably not as solid as his muscles though. He’s eating well and working out, keeping his eye on the prize. He admires others with the similar motivation to give 100%, and lists Arnold Schwarzenegger as a personal champion.

Like all teamm8 M8 Of The Month interviews, Zak was also asked to share a personal motto. Of the 12 we’ve heard, his is easily one of the best. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

You can follow Zak Taylor on Instagram @zaktaylorfitness.

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Photo Credit: Jake Weisz Productions

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