PUMP! Vacation: Go Aqua

If in the depths of winter you discovered there was within you an invincible spring break, this Underwear Expert roundup has you and your bulge in mind. These pairs of spring break underwear come from PUMP! — because, what other brand would you want to be wearing along Miami’s beaches, or wherever you’re escaping to? No matter how rowdy you get, PUMP! is there with you. Their sporty mesh accents will keep you feeling cool in the sun, and their dominant style will be the talk of the boardwalk.

Our list of PUMP! spring break underwear includes five pairs of underwear, all rocking a shades of blue and aqua. Just looking at the hot blue heat melts away our winter blues! These are full coverage looks, and you know we’d bring a PUMP! Jogger with us on spring break too. It’s all too easy to lose things when you’ve been drinking, and these bad boys have pockets.

Which of our spring break underwear picks has you ready to get away? Where are you planning on going this spring? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: PUMP!

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