Marco Marco’s Instagram, Like A Party In Your Pocket

Marco Marco Underwear is a brand all about creating a buzz. Sure their underwear designs are all they need to capture our attention, but that still isn’t enough fun for Marco Marco. That’s probably why the brand’s Instagram is overflowing with goodies. Only those in-the-know get to see them. We’re talking model shots you won’t find on their website, info on sales, and even shots showing what it’s like to hang with the brand’s people.

Our roundup of the Marco Marco Instagram is devoted to their underwear and the sexy men wrapped in the material. Willie Gomez made an appearance on their feed. So did Iggy Azalea. Not to mention some of our favorite drag queens. And is that an Underwear Expert exclusive pic we see? Yes, yes it is.

You can follow Marco Marco on Instagram @marcosquared.

What’s your favorite thing about following Marco Marco on Instagram? What’s their best post that you liked? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Marco Marco, Instagram

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