Ergowear Max Mesh, Breathe With Ease

The Ergowear Max Mesh Collection includes four underwear styles, all ergonomically designed and styled with sexy athleticism. Made from a 89% polyester, 11% elastane fabric blend, the collection offers some of the most breathable underwear around. And with their ergonomic 3-dimensional pouches, looks in the Ergowear Max Mesh line are all about the male form.

The Max Mesh Boxer ($28.98) and Long Boxer ($35.92) are the most athletic styles in the collection and the only two offering full coverage. Like all Ergowear Max Mesh looks, these styles work as underwear or as a simple base layer. Given their longer lengths, they would work well under board shorts or exercise pants. The Max Mesh Bikini ($24.94) and Thong ($23.98) are the collection’s hotter underwear styles. With less fabric they are even more breathable, and are the perfect pairs on hot days.

The entire Erogowear Max Mesh Collection comes in black, gray, and white. The color options are all accented with contrasting seams and waistbands. Red looks are paired with red, making them the sexy ones. The gray looks are elegantly paired with black. White looks are the sportiest, paired with a contrasting blue.

The Ergowear Max Mesh Collection comes is available in sizes S-XL.

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