Clever Underwear Given The Armando Adajar Treatment

Photographer Armando Adajar brings his eye for style and the male form to Clever. The Colombian-based brand is always stunning, but something about the tall, dark, and handsome models has us looking at the underwear through new eyes. Is it the shorter cuts that show off their muscled thighs? Or is it the longer looks with enough stretch to wrap their muscles in hot, see-through fabric. It’s all of the above, thanks to Clever’s style covering only some of the below.

The black and white underwear looks are cemented in the photo shoot’s classiest stills. They are treated with some of Clever’s most eyebrow-raising touches, such as blocked mesh and metallic lettering on the waistband. The denim-styled boxer and brief are more jaw-dropping though. The illusion they create is, for lack of a better word, clever. It’s a style that, at the very least, will make a conversation starter.

Do you prefer Clever’s sportier looks, or their more sensual ones? Which underwear style do you think works best on the built model? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

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