Calvin Klein Knit Boxers Innovate The Basics

Calvin Klein Knit Boxers are perfect for men who stick to the classics but aren’t stuck in the past. They’re designed to have a slimmer, more athletic fit. It makes them more modern and more versatile, great for wear under pants or even skinny jeans. And unlike many boxer shorts on the market, Calvin Klein Knit Boxers stay close to your legs.

Legs on the knit boxers are seamed and cut a little higher than average.The legs are also made to fit more narrow, keeping them comfortably in place. The Calvin Klein Knit Boxers also have low rise waists for a more tailored fit. This is great for guys who prefer their underwear to have a more active cut. Their body-hugging fit makes them a breeze to move in and a superior base layer for any outfit, any season.

The Calvin Klein Knit Boxers are available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Calvin Klein