Review: Betones Leopard Boxer, Wildly Comfy

Item reviewed: Betones Men’s Leopard Boxer

About the product: The Betones Leopard Boxer is a one-size-fits-all boxer short made from 92% nylon and 8% polyurethane. The stencil art hand print is a close up of leopard skin. The elastic fabric is also moisture wicking and created with minimal stitching, still giving it a slightly defining fit. Because Betones Men’s Boxers come in a single size, the pouch and seat are seamless. The Betones Leopard Boxer comes in purple, grey, green, and blue. Each has a waistband with the Betones name printed in the same color, and a stripe that runs around the around look.

What we like: Normally “one size fits all” really means “one size fits no one perfectly.” This is not the case with the Betones Leopard Boxer. The material is super comfy and highly elastic, giving the boxer a fit that shows your booty some love. The comfort is worth raving about. A small ribbed construction around the pouch and a seamless seat provide an ideal fit. Wearing these, you’ll understand what people mean when they say “you’ll forget you’re wearing them.”

When we’d wear them: A day spent working at a coffee shop. Walking around the mall. Going to the zoo.

Who we’d recommend them to: The Betones Leopard Boxer is great for young guys with an appreciation for style. The different colors dramatize or downplay the print, making it a versatile style. They’ve also got a slightly hipster attitude, great for artsy Millennials.

In three words: Comfortable. Fun. Roar.


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