Baskit $12 Tuesday: Urban Basics Jock

For this week’s Baskit $12 Tuesday deal, you have the chance to save on the Baskit Urban Basics Jock! The athletic underwear style sticks to the essentials here. The only showy thing about the pair is its cut. Aside from that sexy detail, the Urban Basics Jock is a refined and understated pair of underwear.

The jock is made from 95% cotton and 5% premium elastane. This material gives the pouch a nice stretch and makes the look all around supportive. The straps also give your rear a subtle lift. The Baskit Urban Basics Jock comes in black and white, both of which have accented waistbands. Two stripes and the brand name wrap around the look, printed in a even tone of orange.

If jocks are your thing but flashy underwear isn’t, the Baskit Urban Basics Jock will look right at home in your underwear collection. That is, if you get a pair before everyone else does.

The Baskit Urban Basics Jock is available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Baskit

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